• Poetry


Verse Daily
January 6th, 2023
“Aerial View of Maze”

Sixth Finch
Winter 2023
“What’s Worse”

The Kenyon Review
Winter 2023
“Little Is Unchanged of the Landscape in Retrospect”

Hunger Mountain Review
Issue 27
“The Cat Named,” “Here’s to Unseeing”

Verse Daily
February 15th, 2023
“From Here on Out”

North American Review
Issue 308.1
“Plato and So-and-So Screamed Flee for God’s Sake But”

Electric Literature: The Commuter
Issue 262
“Mind on Repeat,” “On a Lighter Note,” “Windpipe”

The New Republic
April 2023
“Where There Is No Hope There Is Calm”

“Split,” “The Saying Goes”

Third Coast
“Habitat,” “Mystery”

“Tunnel Vision”

Denver Quarterly


Sugar House Review
Issue 25
“From Here on Out,” “Life Is a Haiku Written on Water”

The Greensboro Review
Issue 112
“Aerial View of Maze”

Four Way Review
Issue 25
“En Route”

Issue 32
“Coming of Age”

Summer 2022
“There Is No Flower in War”

Gazeta Obywatelska
Translated by Klara Anna Gonciarz into Polish
“Another Day Dead from Having Been Awake Too Long,” “End of a Journey,”“Herewith,” ”No Day Has Been as Clear But We Kept Saying”

May 20, 2022

Prism International
Issue 60.3
“Left Angel, Right Devil”

Poetry Magazine
April 2022
“End of a Journey,” “No Day Has Been as Clear But We Kept Saying”

Barrow Street
2021-2 Winter
“The Islet and Foreigners”

Poetry Northwest
Issue 16.2

The Brooklyn Review
January 18th, 2022
”For Hope”


Issue 29
“Lines Between the Lines”

The Account
Fall 2021
“Present Tense Complex,” “Route, Root”

New England Review
Issue 42.3
“A Small Eulogy”

Poetry Northwest
Poem of the Week: October 18th, 2021
“Morning Ritual”

Verse Daily
September 30th, 2021
“At 4 a.m. Snow”

Gulf Coast Online
Spring/Fall 2021
“Still Life in 2 Colors”

The Yale Review Online
Poem of the Week
“Detour Around a Garden”

Bennington Review
Issue #9
“In Short”

The 2021 Rhysling Anthology:
The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry of 2020

Reprinted, 2021 Anthology

The Massachusetts Review
Issue #62. Vol.2

Poetry Daily
Reprinted, June 18th, 2021

Tipton Poetry Journal
Issue 48
“Most Everything That Happens Is a Hyphen”

Dunes Review
Issue #25 Vol.1

Twyckenham Notes
Issue #13
“New Year Resolution,” “Parable of Birth”

Verse Daily
Reprinted, April 27th, 2021
“In the Head Full of Dead Letters”

Issue #108
“At 4 a.m. Snow”

Spring 2021
“Blueprints,” “Rome in Hindsights”

South Dakota Review
Issue #55.3
“Birds of Now,” “White Night”

Issue #51
“On a Scale of Nothing to All”

The Common Online
January 2021
“Hua Tou”

Sixth Finch
Winter 2021

Winter 2020-21

32 Poems
Issue #18.2
“In the Head Full of Dead Letters”

Issue # Vol 9.1
“Anonymous Years”

The American Journal of Poetry
Issue #10
“There’s Only So Much Room”


Poet Lore
Issue #115
“Against Botany,” “In the Purgatory That This Brief Death Is”

The Southeast Review
Issue #38.2
“Another Day Dead from Having Been Awake Too Long”

Denver Quarterly
Issue # Vol. 54 No. 4
“Landscape with Pleasure in Mind” (collaboration with Daniel Ruiz)

Quarterly West
Issue #101

Michigan Quarterly Review Online
Mixtape: Apocalypse Issue

Issue #14

The Summerset Review
Fall 2020
“Flight into Focus,” “You Run Like a Lake Out of Water”

Global Poetry Anthology
2020 Montreal International Poetry Prize Shortlist

8 Poems
Issue #3.1

Notre Dame Review
Issue #49
“Compatriot Ballad,” “Song of No Trust”

Issue #15
“Far Too Long Nothing Has Come”

Colorado Review
Summer 2020 Issue #47.2
“Sleeping through Wreckage,” “Victims”

New South
Issue #13.1
“A Nestling’s Mood of Disorientation”

The Journal
Issue #44.2
“At This Hour of Long Sky”

Issue #13.2
“Inconsequential Is the Name of Everything,” “Itinerary of Speech”

Missouri Review
Poem of the Week
“Friend, Whatever You’re Thinking”

Issue #37
“From the Waterfront the Horizon Always Is a You”

The Margins
April 14th, 2020 Online
“Tidal Migration”


The Malahat Review
Winter 2019 Issue #209
“After Her Mother’s Funeral Mother Calls Me into the Kitchen”

Sugar House Review
Fall 2019 Issue #19
“Cost of Living,” “On Way Home”

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